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Data Crunching To Meet
Business Demands
At Digicandy Technologies, we are taking decision sciences to the next level. With a deep bench of data scientists, business analysts and software experts we are making data analytics more useful for the businesses in the long run. Our idea is to accelerate your journey by making the most out of data.

Creating dashboards
for Fresh Insights

We make sure that we empower your team with best dashboards which provide information for effective decision making. Clarity of data is very important, for that. big data visualization is equally necessary to understand the real time data.


Make Data AI Ready

Data integration is the key whether it is an IT firm or any other. We believe in transforming the structured and unstructured data into useable manner. Even if the data is from the unrelated sources, our team experts make the data useful for your business, so that it brings customer loyalty and new customers for you.

Our Services

Marketing Analytics


Manufacturing Analytics


Retail Analytics


Healthcare Analytics


HR Analytics


Financial Analytics

Our Process
Get orientation
Discover the business objectives
Explore the data
Analyze the data
Predict the data
Optimize to find
the best solution
Create a decision
Measure the

Why Us

Because we understand that technology is the core of any organization. It has the power to transform the old manual ways to a digitalized and modern way. Our aim is to enable your business with best IT solutions in the world.

We believe in

With the cutting edge technologies around the world, businesses today are fast paced. Changes today are much faster than before. To stay successful, we are helping businesses to have newer ways of thinking and building the resilient models which are full proof.



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