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By using customized CRM solutions, we are perfectly bringing together-CRM Solutions, companies and their customers. What makes Salesforce Unique is its commitment to drive the CRM system effectively. With Salesforce CRM, we equip our clients to get a complete view of their sales cycle with emerging trends which help them to see the insights of the entire customer journey.




We try to understand your business needs and identify how your objectives are aligning with Salesforce. We analyse how we can reduce your long sales cycle with Salesforce CRM. As you expand, it is important that you achieve high business performance by implementing Salesforce functionalities.



The role of point-and-click tools is important at this stage. Salesforce, particularly uses a specific formula to add a new field to your Salesforce. With Salesforce configuration, we can help you to create changes in workflows, customisation as per user’s interface, developing additional reports and updating the page layouts. We modify the default capabilities for increasing the productivity.



When we do app-based Salesforce integration, it streamlines the CRM with business applications and it reduces the duplicity of data. Once it is integrated into any business, it accelerates productivity. Salesforce integration can also be done by using the programming language. After integration, it can provide you the maximum operational visibility.



In order to automate the updated processes and drive the business process through improvement, we help our clients to harness the benefits of Salesforce CRM. We review whether the Salesforce integration is deployed and improving the process at the par or not.



Once Salesforce is deployed, the user training is important to increase the user adoption. We provide the required training to our clients so that they make the most out of the Salesforce Application, which would automatically increase the productivity.



After training, we do not stop. On the demand and requirement of our clients, we do equip them with support services which are helpful for them.


It is one of the exciting tools which help to build the responsive applications for any device. The components of Salesforce Lightning accelerate the development along with speeding up the app performance. With these services, use Lightning components to build community pages without code.

Get started to unleash the benefits of lightning services.


Lightning readiness Evaluation

Before implementing this, you need to assess whether it is a right fit for your organisation or not? This is an evaluation part, which we provide based upon your existing business set up. By using our tool , we analyse how well-prepared your organisation is. The evaluation report will also provide the information about how your organisation will benefit in a specific way.

Experience Implementation

This is more like deployment of Salesforce Lightning. We give a seamless transition to our clients, ensuring that they get the implementation in a right way. When you get upgraded to Lightning, it adds to your branding.

App Lightning Conversion

To our clients, we assist them to convert their apps to get Lightning ready.

Lightning Development

We believe in automation. We will let you automate your sales process with solutions which are customised and tailor made. With Salesforce Lightning, you achieve more growth with expected outcomes. You get more output in terms of dashboards and reports.