Covid 19: Functioning in Chaotic Times

In this turbulent situation, our main aim is to maintain the health and safety of our employees. We are also concerned about the communities, our clients, partners, prospects, and everyone who is associated with us. We hope to sail through this situation confidently. During Covid 19, we are regularly communicating with our employees ensuring that they are safe and accustomed to the ‘new normal’. Our core emphasis is on the health and safety of our internal and external stakeholders.

Unleashing the Change Leaders

Covid 19 has taught us how to manage well in pandemics. It has taught us how to reimagine and rethink. No matter how robust the processes were, most of the organizations initially failed to cope up with covid 19. The organization now needs to change leaders for such situations. We as an ITes firm strongly feel that we need to prep-up our leaders to stay proactive and cautious for such situations. These leaders would be the ones who would navigate through the crisis situation. They should possess the capability to see through, ‘what the success would look like’.

Change is the Rule

It is the basic rule and Covid 19 has made it more understandable to everyone. Everything is being rewritten. Every organization will have to accommodate its processes according to it. Even if the covid 19 is over, there will be some long term behavioral changes in people regarding health. People are looking for more home deliveries and this has led to a sudden surge in home delivery companies. Amid these uncertainties, the businesses did not stop to innovate, like a lot of hospitals in china opened online fever clinics to meet the demand for online health consultations.