Business Process

Our deep industry experience brings innovative ideas to us, making Digicandy Technologies one of India's leading international BPO services. We know that our clients need intelligent models so that they can focus on their core goals. Being a BPO services provider company, we tell our clients that they should do what they are best at and outsource their back-office processes.

Building Resilient Models through Our BPO Services

We do not hesitate to say that we learn every moment. This learning helps us to provide quality services in the digitally disruptive market. Driven by intelligent operations, we deliver the workflows relevant to the sustainable growth of our clients. Our models have been carved brilliantly with technologies that are innovative to build robust workflows for you.

Call Center Services

With a team of dedicated and passionate people, we are with you whenever you have to provide your clients professional services. Our team is highly trained to manage the call center activities effectively. With the specialized outbound call center in India, we identify the leads and convert them. We also do follow up with your customers through messaging and required communication for a more personalized experience.

Data Management Services

Maintaining data is crucial for any business. It is a time consuming activity too, that is why we do it for our clients. Once you outsource your data management to us, our highly skilled employees will perform the end-to-end operations. As an outsourcing partner, we provide data entry services, data conversion services, document management services, catalog management. We help you to focus on your goals with higher proficiency with the mitigation of risk.

BPO Services

Collaborating with our BPO services will scale up your business performance. As a leading BPO services company in India, we have envisioned ourselves to provide quality services in terms of order tracking, order entries, return and claims order processing, post-sales customer follow up, qualifying sales and survey leads, social media monitoring, collection services, account payable and receivables. You will find a reliable partner through our BPO services.

Why Us

Because we understand that technology is the core of any organization. It has the power to transform the old manual ways to a digitalized and modern way. Our aim is to enable your business with best IT solutions in the world.

We believe in transformation

With the cutting edge technologies around the world, businesses today are fast paced. Changes today are much faster than before. To stay successful, we are helping businesses to have newer ways of thinking and building the resilient models which are full proof.